Hello! I am Heather Miller. I am an entrepreneur currently working on starting my own business, Jelly Fish Designs. I am also a consultant for Lilla Rose and a violin teacher. Most importantly, however, I am a Christian. I pray that amidst my various posts about my businesses, Christ always shines through. 

     The photo at the top of my blog is from my recent mission trip to Nicaragua. I can hardly wait for the chance to go back! I learned a lot on that trip. I will be sharing about my trip and experiences.

     I love to learn new things, especially when they are creative. My great-grandmother, Granny, taught me to crochet, and I just kept going after that! My mom first taught me to sew, and my Grandmommie introduced me to painting. I love to sew, crochet, paint, knit, and read. I also enjoy repairing things... the first time, anyway! I am currently repairing a vintage singer sewing machine.

     Please feel free to look around! I will post more soon!


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