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As I contemplate my various trips throughout the world, I like to consider what my favorite thing is about each place I visit. I loved the colorfulness of Nicaragua, with flowers blooming everywhere and smiles on people's faces. I love the hills in Missiouri, and the moment when you've been hiking for miles and suddenly make it to the clearing where you can see ahead for miles. I love the trees and the creeks and the rich blueness of the sky in North Carolina. But most of all I love home.

    Home is Louisiana. Home is where I notice that the sky is a different painting every single time I look up. If you go at the right time of year, Church on Sunday evenings is magnificent because the sun is streaming in through the stained glass windows. Even more magnificent, however, are the colors and the vibrancy of the sky when the service is over and I'm driving home. My Louisiana sky always amazes me, and reminds me of what I love about home.This year, I'm soaking in the…

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